About Us

Company Profile

NatureWild is a social enterprise that links community producers, companies and consumers for more sustainable livelihoods, businesses and lifestyles. NatureWild is a Marketing Service Provider for forest community-based enterprises, NGOs and business development service providers assisting them. It provides forest-based community producers a sustainable link to the market through market research, product development, brand and marketing strategy development, production incubation and sales. We work with community suppliers to ensure responsible NTFP harvesting and engage consumers through quality and design oriented eco-wild product that support their choice for a sustainable eco-lifestyle.


  • NW envisions sustained and long-lasting CBFE (Community-based forest products enterprises) through sustained market links;
  • NW envisions increase in household income and economic benefits of forest-based community through trade of value-added products;
  • NW envisions market demand for sustainably harvested forest products through branding and consumer awareness.


NatureWild provides quality products and services to customers and partners, which contribute to the protection and sustainable management of forests and the over-all human wellbeing.

Our Motto

Protecting Forests, Nurturing Well-Being


Building communities committed to sustainable living. NatureWild engages all stakeholders, from producers, companies, to support service providers, to consumers in order to move towards more sustainable harvesting, production, promotion and consumption.

Our Team

  • Mr. IM Sinath, Business Manager 
  • Ms. NOUV Noutekh, Sale & Production Officer
  • Mr. LOT Sokunthear, Production Assistant
  • Ms. HANG Lakena, Packaging Assistant (Part-Time) 

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