Our Services

NatureWild provides marketing support system service and market linkage to Community Based NTFP Enterprises. The service will enable the public or target customers to be well understood of the core value of the product and engage them to purchase the products in creative ways and large distribution channel. The service will also boost their brand to be known from larger crowds through social media and innovative promotion strategies.

To achieve this, NatureWild provides forest-based community producers a sustainable link to the market through many of its services such as: market research, product development, brand development and marketing strategy development, production incubation and sales.

  • Market research of new product will be conducted before the actual product is developed.
  • Honey re-branding development (using the brand Dorsata, brand promoted by Indonesia)
  • Develop new products honey vinegar, honey wine, honey lemon tea, lip balm, dry skin balm, beeswax soap, varnish, boat caulking and fire starter.
  • The certification of these new products has to be made before it’s on the market.
  • Traceability and high quality of products is an important value that we offer to our buyers. The traceability of the product and guarantee of quality, which is included in the internal control system will be monitored and improved, where necessary.

Producer Groups

NatureWild is a Marketing Agency of CBHE for distribute of Khmum Prey Product:

The Cambodian Federation for Bee Conservation and Community based Wild Honey Enterprises (CBHE) is a honey national network founded on 24 June 2010, participated from representatives of wild honey enterprise communities from 06 provinces: Mondulkiri, Ratanakiri, Stung Treng, Kratie, Preah Vihear and Koh Kong. In addition, key participants include commune council, NGO partners from various provinces and communities, international NGOs and media. The Preparations were financially and technically assisted by Exchange Programme for South and Southeast Asia (NTFP-EP) and coordinated by CIRD. Cambodian Federation for Bee Conservation and Community based Wild Honey Enterprises is established aim to:

  • Development of common standards for Cambodia wild honey products
  • Market exploration and to promote the price of Cambodian wild honey products
  • Participation in forest and non-timber forest resource conservation
  • Enhancement of community livelihood through strengthening of Cambodian wild honey collection

In average, CBHE has traded 6,468 Kg of wild honey and, generate the annual sale venue of 51,664 USD. Middle-class households, restaurants, hotels, souvenir shop, body care salon, tourists, organic marts have been dramatically and continuously support Khmum Prey. This production involved 780 honey collectors and 7 people served in the Executive Committees of CBHE.