Social Impact

In the last 6 years, the initial price sold from collector has increased by 500%.

(picture of collector selling the honey)

Income of over 700 collectors’ families increased by 20%

(picture of smiling collector)

3% of revenue sale from Khmum Prey is contributed to the forest management cost of over 50,153 forest area. (picture of people patrolling the forest)

As a social enterprise, NatureWild strives for three bottom-line:


planet and profit. People: 67% of Cambodians still depend on forests for their subsistence and livelihood. And 42 % are living in poverty.


Forests are seen as a resource for poverty alleviation and national economic development through in demonstrating that NTFPs and enterprise development to promoting conservation.


A sustainable enterprise that reinvests back into the business and more sustainable livelihoods of people.